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Better Not Call

April 17, 2018

Saul (Michael Cohen) Badman

Donald’s Fixer


Ambiguity kinda rhymes with Hannity




I don’t think, if you slip an attorney two  fivers, it constitutes attorney client privilege. Nor does it justify Saul Badman having a file on you, even though you have never been billed for quid pro quo.

Like daily forcing down plausible deniability of collusion and a narrative for a Trump agenda for the mere sucking up to power and money.

Why would a multimillionaire need to have an attorney he couldn’t or wouldn’t pay?

At least in all the hubbub, figured out why Faux, can blanketly criticize the media while pretending they’re not. ‘Tis because their content is infotainment provided by info-tainers, not journalists.

How long before Laura and Shawn join Bill’s podcast? That Donald can tweet responses when he is released from his thumb cuffs, during media time.

My uncle was a fixer, if you had a broken pipe or a plugged up toilet he could fixer. Plus he to got paid to take care of leaks and getting rid of shit, no one else should see.

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