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The Brief Contemplation

April 19, 2018


“I think about suicide every #ucking day of my life and I think, the only thing that is stopping me, is the lack of a perfect idea.”

“Goodbye Clark Adams”
“From Across The Street”

– Doug Stanhope


The contemplation

Of extinguishing myself

Is short lived

When immediately

The following lyrics

Consciously or



Subtly or loudly

Enter my



“Why then, is god still protecting me
Even when I don’t deserve it
Though I am blessed
With an inner strength

Some they would call it a penance
Why am I meant to face this alone
Asking the question time and again
Praying to god won’t keep me alive

Inside my head, feel the fear start to rise…”

“Sign Of The Cross”
“X Factor”

– Iron Maiden


Then it goes away.


Up The Irons, for I am grateful.


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