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Way Too Early

June 26, 2018

For the NFL


Here is what I would like you see, if I had any more self loathing to watch such a mindless distraction in the first place.

To whatever the first game of the NFL “season” is, have all the players stand for the national anthem, then get off the field and go the #uck home.

Then see a whole stadium take to two knees, praying their distractions get back on the field. So they won’t have to wake up from dreamland and actually pay attention to their government or family or planet and the like……

Or…..Or…..That children are being held in cages in Texas, separated from their parents due to 45’s immigration policy.

Who, even though “his” attorney general stated what the White House policy is, still has the audacity to blame the dems,


Just editorializing on stuff heard on the radio, could be wrong.

Want to stop the protests?

1. Stop playing the national anthem. (Duh)

2. Stop watching football. In its Roman coliseum blood thirst arena as allegedly grown adults bludgeon each other for a buck and your entertainment.

3. The best option, evolve the culture that arbitrary guilt is not based on skin color causing some to be trigger happy. Leaving nothing left to protest over.


The Star Spangled Banner is nothing more than a series of notes in a broad octave range with corresponding lyrics set to trigger an emotional response to make the collective rise and set, having as many people as possible behave Iike Pavlov’s dog in a mass setting.

Ooooho say can you….. (ring) 100% up and at ’em. Manchurian automatons unconsciously getting out of their seat.

Hypnotized en masse like a giant Queen of Diamonds showed up on the Jumbotron. Good followers, good followers, generationally programmed.

Besides, it only reinforces our global proclivity for violence.

“We’ve got the only national anthem that mentions #ucking rockets and bombs in the #ucking thing. You know what I mean?”

– George Carlin

That, and it is a difficult song to sing and most people do not know the words and its incessant play has stripped it of its impact. Save how it is described above.

Yeah yeah yeah, land of the free (sure) and the hoooome (speed it up) of the (start the game) *brave. Woo hoo!!!!

*”Every dog is brave on his own doorstep.”

– Irish Proverb

There is money riding on this. Not gambling on the quarterly or final score. Rather gambling by the corporations to see how long they can keep a large group of people sedentary drinking, eating and staring zombie like at a flashing light box.

While brightly colored shiny images of products they need to push are shown more often than the game. Having mass hypnotized the consumer into thinking that their beer or soda or pizza or car or truck or pharmaceutical fix all or ed drug will immediately transform them into the person that everybody likes and wants to be around.

So that after they have emptied their wallet and purse, can transfix their glossy eyed stare to decide once again what headache medicine to buy or consolidation loan to get so they can start the whole process over again.

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