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Breaking Story

June 30, 2018

The story

Of breaking

Hearts and minds

5 / 4


Systemic and

Systematic Racism

Not seen since

WW 2

All at the whim

Of one man


Petulant president

Who, perhaps is

Not even playing

To his own fears

Opted to

Instigate and


Religious hatred

Going against

The one document

He allegedly

Promised to

Protect and defend



On the point of

Not even playing

To his own fears

The miniscule

Spark of hope

That arises within

Is attached to a

Poorly recalled

Vague campaign promise

That he would get to

The bottom of

What happened on

9 11

And that the

Travel ban

Is merely a

Grand hoax

To get Dubya and his


To confess

That what occurred then

Was an inside job

Having nothing to do

With the

Blamed perpetrators


Barring that



It is not only

Mean spirited

Unconstitutional and



Congress acts (scoff)

It will be a

Law of the land

Making the first people’s

Indigenous cultures

Jealous and saddened

They didn’t have

The same

Law of the land

Set up 500 tears

Oops, Freudian finger slip

500 years ago

To keep those

Pesky murderous

Land stealing

Slave owning

Europeans out

Whose offspring are

Still wreaking havoc


Steve Martin “bit” from the 70’s

“I believe the united states should allow all foreigners in this country,  ..   Providing they speak our native language. ……..

Apache “

Or Sioux, or Cherokee, or Shoshone, etc..


As this streams out of

My fingertips I pause

To look in to the

Proverbial mirror

To ask, where does

This come from?

I have no religion

No God


Accepting a

God force and


Holding on to

The John Lennon

Belief of a

Could be reality

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…”


The reflection shows

An internal perception

Like Bill Hicks once said

“I don’t fit in anywhere, man, I really don’t. I don’t agree with anything either, not even what I just said so, think you see the problem here. Stranded without a clue.”


Therefore 45’s ban

Would only compound

The problem if I were wearing

Those shoes

As it might anyone else

If it was “their” group

Not allowed

Who not only feel

Like they don’t


Are told so

Via a vile

Rancid racist

Who likes

Lining his pockets

And lining himself

Up with

Dictators and despots


Before this

Story of breaking

Hearts and minds

Never ends

Will close this out with a

John Trudell quote


“My heart doesn’t hurt anymore.

Maybe, that’s what souls are for, to take the hurt, the heart can’t take.”


One more thing

It is our own fault

For accepting

The linguistic notion

Of being okay with having

A “Supreme” Court

In the first place

And not a

“Loving, Enlightening, Compassionate” Guiding Learning Center.

Where we can evolve more expeditiously and stop fighting with each other over some goofy words / definitions that keep power in power for the sake of power.


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