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Playing A Silly Game

July 3, 2018

That everybody is playing

Meaning everybody

All 7B players plus

Making up the rules

As we all go along

On a spherical game board

As a quasi-combination of

Monopoly, Clue, Life

Sorry, Scrabble, War

Chess, Checkers

And Trivial Pursuit




What seemed like guidelines

Became rules, which of course

Then grew into commandments

Before turning in to articles

Transforming into laws

Which then set precedents

To forever punish

Never reward


Could have

Just as easily

Been established


Those willing to do

And do good will

Be rewarded and praised

Honored and encouraged

To do more good

But noooo

“That was one of the things that bothered me about my religion. That conflict between pain and pleasure.  

They were always PUSHING for pain. You were always PULLING for PLEASURE!”

– George Carlin

Just imagine

If that were the

Evolutionary fork

In the road

That had we taken it


Whenever that “then” was

Where “we” would be today

Banishing the

Rule of law

As creations

Of a Gaia


There is only

Natural law

“You’re born absolutely free except for laws of nature, if you drink you get drunk, that’s a law, if you get old you die, that’s a law too; if you sit on a tack you will bleed from the ass, these are the only laws that you’re born with.

These are the only laws they that you’re born with. And any kind of government just #ucks you out that type of freedom”

– Doug Stanhope


Engaging in

Reciprocity and kindness

Which like any

Path chosen

There is always time

To switch paths

Now is the time


An example of

Changing rules

Would be


Originally started with

13 rules

What was once a game

To keep athletes in shape

Through the winter

By putting a

Soccer type ball

Into a closed

Peach basket

And of course

Anything that starts with

A noble purpose

Business eventually

Swoops in to

Take advantage

Making allegedly

Grown men, into

Corporate pawns

In a garish game of greed

During a cacophony of chaos

Where a referee is supposed

To keep his eye on the ball

And still make sure

Someone’s feet

Didn’t “travel”

Now there are

A plethora

Of rules for

Different divisions

Too numerous to count

Even to the degree

That a player can be

“Fined” for his behavior


Moving past that

Think you are a “land” owner

And have property “rights” ?

Along comes

Eminent domain

Should “progress”

In your area


You need to move

You will


Merely because

It is not me

So it is okay

Group think

Deems that



On to our current


According to


Plus others

You can’t indict a

Sitting president

Oh shit, let’s write

Another “law”


A “sitting” president

Shan’t not be indicted

Wait, what is the

Legal precedent?

Ummm, ummmm…

Cause we just passed

A law

In case

One day

We are president, then

We too will want to be

Above reproach

Let’s create a bunch

Of mumbo jumbo

Surrounding the new law

To make it official

Article bleen

Section nya nya nya

It is unlawful to also

Indict a standing president

Or a golfing president

Or a kakistocratic president


This could all stop today

If a small but well intentioned

Group of bipedal earthling artists

Picked up their ball and went home

Opting not to play anymore

By circumstance

Peacefully encouraging

The rest of the

Players to

Play a new game

One that is not

Biblically sadistic

Where it is okay for


To kill an

Unnamed unarmed


Running away

As a fugitive


When it us

It is a different story

“Here’s how it happened:

About five thousand years ago, a bunch of reli­gious and political hustlers got together to figure out how they could control people and keep them in line.

They knew people were basically stupid and would believe anything they were told, so these guys announced that God— God personally—had given one of them a list of Ten Commandments that he wanted everyone to follow.

They claimed the whole thing took place on a mountaintop, when no one else was around.”

– George Carlin

Giving the successive powers that be unlimited authority over how they wish to attempt to control people who they perceive are beneath them.

Implementing herd morality, like thou shall not murder. Which obviously does not apply to them.

Whether it be God or governments, that rule of the game, simply does not apply.

Think not, consider for a moment that much ballyhooed incident where an entire planet of people and children were murderously drowned because the authority did not like the way “his” children were behaving.

The first mass corporal punishment via globalcide. That ought to be a deterrent for thousands of years till as long as you can perpetuate the bullshit claiming * “an invisible man living in the sky” can implement a similar fate / justice anytime he wants.

* -George Carlin


As for the murder is illegal “rule, when it comes to the government, simply does not apply.  All they have to do is rename the deceased, or about to be deceased.

Freedom fighters, insurgents, rebels, enemy, enemy of the state, soldiers, troops, terrorists, etc.

Collateral damage even works, when they miss their mark/target.

Bipedal earthling artists. Dead. And no justice is being served.  Hmmm. Why, because it falls under the guise of “National Security” rather “Corporate Security” as for just a few thousand or hundred thousand deaths, the bottom line can continue to stay oily black.

All the way down to the local level, where under the guise of to “Protect and Serve”, murder is justified by the “state” because someone just “looked” guilty. Usually based on the degree of epidermis, light reflectivity.

As long as it is apparent the criterion is malleable for how we behave. Let us at least, change the internal rules so as not to follow the hate and discrimination guidelines set forth by the illusionary powers that be into playing the game they want us to play.

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