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The Most Powerful Answer

July 5, 2018

To any question




(Drum Roll)


I don’t know


Not saying

I don’t know

As if I’m


(Although I am)



“I don’t know”


Abbot and Costello’s

Third baseman is

“I don’t know”

Is the answer

For example

Someone may ask you

How old is the earth

Usually a child


Because you heard

Or read it somewhere

You reply

4.5 billion years old

And at that

For a moment


You both accept that


Why not

After all

It is out there

As a “fact”

But then,


The cosmos

The child “thinks”


The cosmos

And asks

How you


That answer

Now you’re



Cover the



In truth

You know


Do not


You fumper


I read it



Ok great

But what is that

Based on

…….. Genius

It just is

Now stop

Asking so many



Bad answer

You authoritarian

Parent you

Just try it

Though your first inclination may be prepared to do battle with the inner dialogue, going on inside your head to resist not having a “factual” answer

If you delve into the ramifications of “I don’t know” as an answer the relief you’ll find, is that at the least, it is the most honest answer


Deep breath

Pregnant pause……

I don’t know



Don’t stop there

Dig deeper and you’ll discover the arrogance and conceit in the answer of 4.5 billion years. Which somehow will give credence to Einstein’s theory that everything is happening all at once.

We just perceive it linearly and figuratively.

4.5 billion years at best, is a guesstimate.

Besides if you became aware of the age of the earth information seventeen years ago. Your answer should have been 4 billion 5 hundred million and 17 years old.

It is based on a quasi combination of a Julian and Gregorian calendar. That has only been in general use for about 436 years and was made up by our predecessors as an arbitrary marking of “time”.

There “used” to be only 10 months, go figure that out when your looking for accuracy in how old something is. Hmm? Seeing as that is how December got its name.  Deca- = 10 Tenth month.

On a planet that was once considered flat and egotistically geocentric later realized it was spherical in a heliocentric system.

Still basing the “years” measurement solely on earth’s rotational speed and distance from the nearest star. Calculated in Mars years or Pluto years would net still a different answer.


“There are no facts, only interpretations.”

– Freidrich Nietzsche


However, if you look deep inside and meditate, breath in slowly, exhale slower and from the very essence of your being ness you should get the same answer I got.

It is 3.67 Quarkatoons old.




I don’t know.


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