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Espresso Café Overt Putsch

July 20, 2018

Not a

Beer hall putsch

We need to be

Sober and very

Very very awake

With enough caffeine

To see this through

Wide eyed


Clear minded

When and where

From the dark

Recesses of our


Did the collective

Create the mess

We are in now


What we can do to

Change it

There must be a way

Part of me


It could be

As simple


Do what you love


The money / resources

Will follow

No government


Certainly not a

Central one

Of which

Tries to rule

With totalitarian


Where it is too

Far removed from

Unfamiliar locations and


To be

Reasonably effective


While the merits of


Might seem a little

Anarchic at first

If you think about it

It can’t be worse

Than what is

Happening now

Just need to

Gear up and

Fear down into


Paradigm shift

And drive to a

Better world

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