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July 22, 2018

No more fireworks!

Not so much based on timing

Rather amber signs along the highway

Observed on both sides of July 4th

On several electronic reader boards

(It is okay to read “those” texts because

they are gov’t issued, no distraction there)

Stated simply



All we have to do now is have awareness

Catch up with the reality that all lands

Are public as land ownership is an illusion

A person or a corporation can no more

“Own” land, than you can “own” a thought

Go ahead and try it, I will wait right here

See, it is as fleeting as is our existence

Fooling oneself that anything is “owned”

Merely attaches “ownership” to a piece

Of paper issued by banks who “own”

The property in question, a hahaha haha

Can you imagine the colossal amount

Of trees harvested from public lands

To be transformed into reams of paper

Then littered with ink arbitrarily deciding

To say who owns what & who owes who

Oops almost got off track about fireworks

So that once a year exorbitant amounts

Of cash can be wasted on products made

To light up sparkle, smoke and go boom

By earthling artists who in all likelihood

May or may be not “free”, kind of negates

The whole pseudo celebration of freedom

Certainly if not applied universally for all

Is our only other options, mud huts and teepee’s? No, but we could certainly evolve from the notion that at one point in history we gained freedom from an “enemy” who then became an ally.

Which in all likelihood, if the head muckety-muck turns friends into foes we may have to once again declare independence from what, no one knows.

Perhaps, independence from unconsciousness. It has been 240+ years since the declaration of independence. From a country which became an ally. So then, if not being separate why is “independence” being “celebrated”?

Might as just call it fireworks day. Hoping that at the end of that day weak week your child still has all ten fingers, can see with both eyes so they can keep learning to read then question things and stop all this distractive nonsense that impedes their independence and evolution.

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