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Yes Or Know

August 1, 2018

Would you want Rudy Gulliani to be your attorney?


Yes and No.

If I was guilty?  Yes

If I was innocent?  No

Here is the most truthful thing he’s uttered..

.”Nobody can be sure of any thing.”

– Rudy Guilliani

.Well, no shit.

.I do not know if I am the excremental residue of a tick turd, lodged in a pine tree pinecone awaiting the next forest fire. To. obliterate me into a smelly speck of ash drifting into the atmosphere lifted higher and higher riding the heat wave.

Then getting wedged in the rubber seal around the copilot’s window taking full advantage of my confinement to get some much needed rest.

Before air turbulence jolts my slumber to realize I am a third of the way through a four year nightmare, or perhaps a sixth of an eight year night terror.

Realizing the disturbance was caused by a flock of seagulls with strange names like truth, facts, honesty, decency and compassion getting ripped into shreds through the jet turbines.

Causing it to spin out of control into a vertical nose dive, screaming towards the planet……

Catch myself daydreaming at the diesel island fueling my work truck, wiping a gray speck out of my eye, then washing the windshield realizing I listen to too much news.

So yeah, I agree with Rudy.”Nobody can be sure of any thing.”

Right in line with the philosophical contemplation “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If there is no special prosecutor to investigate collusion, obstruction, money laundering, conspiracy to work with or be blackmailed by a foreign adversary, did you do anything wrong?

.Yes or Nyet ?

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