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US of H Incensed

August 6, 2018

An out of sequence follow up to

US of H

Unbridled Systems of Hypocrisy


False dignity

And morality

At what “another” country

Does to another country


It’s a shame we don’t see

What our tax dollars at work

Have destroyed and killed

In the name of democracy


A fluid euphemism for

Capitalism and imperialism

Or when less than half the people vote

It becomes the tyranny of the minority


Being aghast that Russia

Had “elected” a KGB leader

When it was not so long ago

That the equivalent happened


In this country under our

Very and varied noses

Right in front of our blind eyes

Below our poorly used brain


It was “okay” for us to “elect”

The counterpart equivalent

From “our” super spy agency

The “head” of the CIA GHWB


Why is it we can see our faults

When projected on to others

Which is how we become aware

Expecting them to change but


When the accuracy is in the mirror

We are either too lazy or too

Righteously defensive to bother

Seems a double standard to me

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