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August 9, 2018

Unending Sadism of Victimhood

Whaaaa I can’t lead.

My predecessor made it too difficult for me, being I’m an outsider, who promised I wouldn’t golf, or use executive orders.

Tried to coerce our neighbor to the south to say he was going to pay for a wall. Unfortunately couldn’t bait him. So now I have to bully congress into wasting money on something that won’t work.

If they had built it sooner, wouldn’t have had to play chess with those out of the womb grown human embryo pawns.

Plus the person I ran against to get here (oh shit, she lost) it is still her fault for what I have to contend with. Poor me, I’m being investigated and she’s not. NOT FAIR.

Therefore I am just going to simply scrap the constitution, wipe my tears with the flag. Boo hoo, then I’m going to fly around the globe looking for autocrats and dictators who understand me

How long can I sustain this facade of being, so great, so grating on truth’s last nerve. Before I am discovered, caught behind the curtain. Pulling levers, making noise, sending up smoke and scaring everyone, just like the wizard of Oz?

Good thing I am the head muckety-muck miscreant and have my Machiavellian merry mob of malleable misfits.

Who would and will applaud all of my chicanery. Strange noise applause makes, sounds like the bleating of sheep. For I am their SAD flock master.

“‘Cause people want to hear bullshit. Because reality is too #ucking scary. Reality is too scary.

That is why, in this country,  if someone just talks slowly……… and clearly……..and confidently. …….,  there’s people that will listen. That’s how wacky we are.

That is some leftover monkey shit, that’s what it is, the Alpha, the one that gets to talk” (or Tweet)

– Joe Rogan

Who knew that the cell phone would be the modern day conch to the Lord of the flies?
No gaffes in this administration.

“A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.”

– Michael Kinsley

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