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No Cure For Cancer

August 15, 2018

Joe Rogan was right

“We are mold on toast”

Or as Bill Hicks said

“We’re a virus with shoes”

A malignant growth

On a defenseless host

Am myself guilty

For contributing

By default

“Someone created me”

Doug Stanhope

Yet exonerated

For not accelerating

The spread

“I have no (biological) children”

Doug Stanhope

However, when

She is ready,

“The planet will shake us off

Like a bad case of fleas,

A surface nuisance.”

So, till then

“Take care of yourself

and take care of somebody else.”

– George Carlin



“Her love rains down on me
as easy as the breeze
I listen to her breathing
it sounds like the waves on the sea

I was thinking all about her,
burning with rage and desire
We were spinning into darkness
the earth was on fire

She could take it back,
She might take it back some day

So I spy on her, I lie to her,
I make promises I cannot keep
Then I hear her laughter rising,
Rising from the deep

And I make her prove her love for me,
I take all that I can take
And I push her to the limit
To see if she will break

She might take it back,
She could take it back some day

Now I have seen the warnings,
Screaming from all sides
It’s easy to ignore them and
God knows I’ve tried

All of this temptation,
It turned my faith to lies
Until I couldn’t see the danger
Or hear the rising tide

She can take it back,
She will take it back some day
She can take it back,
She will take it back some day
She can take it back,
She will take it back some day”

– Pink Floyd

“Take It Back” from The Division Bell

“No cure for cancer” is the title of a Dennis Leary cd.

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