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Beyond Territorial Conquest

August 22, 2018

There is no there there

There is no here either

It is all but one place

Our big blue green sphere



The one we all call our home

Where we can be free to roam

Breathing the same oxygen

Under an atmospheric dome



Let us consider for a moment

In this current political climate

Pitting us against one another

When our time here is so finite



We are all earthlings for sure

With no impenetrable borders

Shows the idiocy of a wall

Lest one tries to exert powers


Ones that appears to be racist

Which is exactly what his base is

It is sad that they do not see it

Might understand if they traded places

“When you’re accustomed to privilege,

Equality sounds like oppression.”

Franklin Leonard




“I see the Middle Kingdom
Between Heaven and Earth
Like the Chinese call
The country of their birth

We all figure that our homes
Are set above
Other people than the ones
We know and love

In every place with a name
They play the same territorial game
Hiding behind the lines
Sending up warning signs

The whole wide world
An endless universe
Yet we keep looking through
The eyeglass in reverse

Don’t feed the people
But we feed the machines
Can’t really feel
What international means

In different circles,
We keep holding our ground
Indifferent circles,
We keep spinning round and round

We see so many tribes
Overrun and undermined
While their invaders dream
Of lands they’ve left behind

Better people… better food…
And better beer…
Why move around the world
When Eden was so near?

The bosses get talking so tough
And if that wasn’t evil enough
We get the drunken and passionate pride
Of the citizens along for the ride

They shoot without shame
In the name of a piece of dirt
For a change of accent
Or the color of your shirt

Better the pride that resides
In a citizen of the world
Than the pride that divides
When a colorful rag is unfurled”

– Rush




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