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September 3, 2018

F’ The MAGA base

F’ Occupy Democrats

F’ The Media


What the F ?

F = Forgive

Forgive them, for they, know not what they’re doing.

Instill sanity

Perpetuate peace

Utilize understanding

Create compassion


Let’s F’ evolve

F = Future

This current societal culture is all adolescent grade school behavior of picking sides for the sake of being on a “side”.

Therefore there is no end game other than to engage in a Tic-Tac-Toe “War Games” scenario. Where there are no winners.

Being played, as an unwitting X or O marker between the corpornments (corporations + governments) vs. The bankinsurance  (banking + insurance,) companies.

There is water to be cleaned

There are shelters to be made

There are wounds to be healed

There are hearts to be thawed

Thee are eyes to be opened

There are minds to be cleared

There are bellies to be filled

Rich man’s war

the poor,
starving for food
starving for land,
starving for peace
starving for real.
Rich man’s war

Attacking human
Attacking being
Attacking earth
Attacking tomorrow

Rich man’s war
Thinking of always war
Thinking of always war

Excerpted from

John Truedell’s

“Rich Man’s War”

But instead we are going to allow ourselves to be participants in a global cage match. Where through manufactured consent and a perceived need to be “right” we hinder our evolutionary greatness.

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