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Destination Gilead

September 6, 2018

Not one (I hope)

To get the cart before the horse

In a presumptuous post

It is just fun to editorialize

To advance my writing chops

As the future is fortold

In the wanton hope

Life will be better

If it is legislated and controlled

Enforced and “secured”

Planned then manipulated

By those who tell you

“They” know

In part

Because of God’s plan

How can you question that

For it is written

As vague as possible

To deceptively decipher destiny

As Kavanaugh moves into position

As the moral authority over

Women’s bodies

Presidential powers

Constitutional corruption

Unrestricted warlike weapons

Through a dog and pony show

Of deception and collusion

By Putin’s puppet

Who needs him

To be

The swing vote

Of innocence vs. guilt

It is not

What you know

Or the conduct of

You as a person

It is who you know

Deciding unhinged’s fate

Determining freedom

Against the penalty

Of golden thumb cuffs

Good thing





Preventing us

Escaping from


* “The Handmaid’sTale” reference



How is it not understood that

Chipping legislatively away at

Roe vs. Wade

Is merely “baby steps”

(How ironic)

Towards not only

Forcing you ladies into

Having one

You may not have wanted

Or “accidentally” started to grow

Into having one

Against your will


The state mandates you have one

As the tyranny of the uterus less

Passed laws stating you have to

By invisible “Commanders”

Who declare their own authority

Because you

Voted for it

And God printed it

Not quite as acceptable

In that light

Now is it

Not a whole lot different than

Nurturing Tommy two gun

Or Suzy soldier, signing up

To perform post natal abortions

On living breathing Gaia artists

That have equitable resources

Under their feet


In their sovereign country

On the same global sphere

Everyone occupies

Next Exit

Gilead Left

Turn around and go home

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