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Truth Or Consequences

September 12, 2018

“I have certain rules I live by.

My first rule, I don’t believe anything that government tells me, nothing, zero, none.

And I don’t take very seriously the media or the press in this country.”

– George Carlin


Truth descends into Dante’s deception

At a gravitational determined rate

Accelerating in free fall collapse like

Three NY buildings coincidentally

Insured just months before, against

What would likely never ever happen

Have happen, whoever placed that bet

Could clean up well in Las Vegas

Seventeen years later questioning has

Apparently been buried under the rubble

Of manipulation and patriotic perversion



Geez, even at the assassination museum

Formerly known as the Texas School

Book depository near the grassy knoll

Many sides and theories are presented

Reasons, agendas, witness accounts

Plausibilities, refutations and money

The evidence that sticks out the most is

No professional shooter has replicated

Firing similar weapon three times, as fast

As what was recorded in Zapruders film




“You know you can go down there and, er, to Dealey Plaza where Kennedy was assassinated. And you can actually go to the sixth floor of the Schoolbook Depository.

It’s a museum called… ‘The Assassination Museum’. I think they named that, after the assassination. I can’t be too sure of the chronology here but…

Anyway they have the window set up to look exactly like it did on that day. And it’s really accurate, you know, cause Oswald’s not in it.

“Yeah, yeah so wow that’s cool.”

Painstaking accuracy, you know. It’s true, it’s called the ‘Sniper’s Nest’. It’s glassed in, it’s got the boxes sitting there.

You can’t actually get to the window as such, but the reason they did that of course, they didn’t want thousands of American tourists getting there each year going [Mimes looking out of window]
“No fucking way!


I can’t even see the road.
Shit they’re lying to us.
Where are they?
There’s no fucking way.

Not unless Oswald was hanging by his toes, upside down from the ledge. Either that or some pigeons grabbed onto him, flew him over the motorcade…

Surely someone would have seen that. You know there was rumours of anti-Castro pigeons seen drinking in bars…

Someone overhead them saying ‘coup, coup’ Coo. Unbelievable.”

– Bill Hicks


For a few thousand bucks + time could be

Cost effective for plausible deniability add

A car, some dummies and magic bullets

Then it can be tested filmed and recorded

Hypothesized upon with no conclusion

To fully satisfy either camp of thought

To believe an evidence trail of whodunit


As for September 11 2001 it is way

Too expensive of a mind heist to disprove

Can’t exactly rebuild tall buildings for the

Sake of seeing if they would fall w/o help

Ignore the conspiracy theories, the social

Mantra is Never Forget

Well isn’t that just dandy in an allegedly

“Christian” nation, if that was the case

Everybody would be geared up towards

Always Forgiving like what’s his name did

‘Stead of annual reminders focusing on

Distractions along with t shirt & hat sales

For it is way too late to rerealize no plane

Or bodies were recovered in Shanksville

Nor evidence of an actual airplane at the

Pentagon so go ahead and Google it



“Fahrenheit 911” & “Loose Change”



First, a “Trick Argument”


If god is everywhere at all times, and people thank god for rescuing a loved one from a car wreck or a plane crash, where was god to prevent the situation in the first place?  Hmmm?

Might as well close this out with Doug

“Does anyone get upset that George Bush keeps quoting the Bible in all his f****** speeches?

Does that get on anyone’s last nerve?

Does it ever occur to them him, it’s all those stupid f****** religions that start all this s*** in the first place?

National Day of Prayer, F*** you. You think you’re doing something….. you’re not. You can sit at home and cry jinx and keep your fingers crossed too. It does as much good.

You want to pray,  pray all day. Pray on your own time. You wanna help?  Grab a shovel, and start digging there pinwheel,   because it looks like your god, takes Tuesdays (September 11, 2001) off.”

– Doug Stanhope

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