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TV Radio

September 10, 2018

Fortunately while I am

Audibly “watching” the news

Through satellite radio feeds

I am productively working


Well, getting paid to sit

In a comfortable air ride seat

520 miles under the stars

Listening to everything imaginable

When a commercial comes on

The fingers are within inches

Of turning the volume down

Or tapping a different preset


As for the dial dance for dialogue

The most obvious thing shared

Amongst allegedly opposite views

Are the same advertisers selling


The allusion of bigger dick pills

The illusion of a better toothbrush

The conclusion of a closer shave

The intrusion of self surveillance


The delusion of better sleep

The confusion of debt/tax relief

The revulsion of partner’s snoring

The exaggeration of bed sheet’s abilities


The envision of odorless hair coloring

The revision of refinancing more debt

The expectation identity will be stolen

The supervision over your “security”


Abstract “things” that products won’t fix

If you are tired and of clear mind

A person can sleep on any bed or sheets

Without hyperbolic impossible claims

The same products night after night

Where what is being sold is an idea

Against what is keeping you awake

Or things you’ll need tomorrow now


Knowing that what is keeping you awake

Is not for the lack of these concepts

Rather the fear, filtering in between ads

Subconsciously scaring you to death


The dissonance messing with your mind

Desperately wanting to accept 2+2=5

So the jack boots will stop the kicking

The bullshit too unfathomable to bear


So order quick just don’t text and drive

To get this special offer using a “code”

Not for the discount rather for the

Advertiser’s effectiveness tracking


Learning the consumer’s demographics

To easily sell you more similar stuff

Since you “liked” this buy this too

As the algorithms spread to your wallet


Thinking now that you are more

More informed than you were before

More befuddled is more like it or

Distracted depressed disoriented

Faux is a tenuous, tough and toxic listen

As it resonates as state run TV / radio

Broadcasting what “should” be believed

Attacking the “Media” as if they are not


Hammering away at some agenda which

Its only intent seems to be to keep power

In power for the sake of being in power

Neither evolve or create a peaceful world


“I realized that this is how Putin was going to rule, that this is how his #ucking brain works.

So I have no illusions, I knew this is how he understood the word patriotism.

Just the way he’d been taught in all those KGB schools.

The country is as great as the fear it inspires, and the MEDIA SHOULD BE LOYAL.”

– Masha  Gessen

“The Man Without A Face”
“The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin

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