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Sub: Atomic

September 15, 2018

“Never trust an atom.

They make up everything.”

– Unknown



Made up of protons

Neutrons and electrons

Made up of subatomic

Quarks and neutrinos

That could either be

Particles or waves

Depending how or when

Perhaps they are viewed

At any given moment

Of time in time

That does not exist

In the first place

Traveling at light speed

Are the make up

Of who we are

Coinciding every


Into the appearance

Of fingers and toes

Eyeballs and earlobes

Skin and skeletons

Hearts and minds

Lungs and brains

Or the substance-less-ness of

Thoughts and memories

Pleasures and pains

Hopes and fears

Doubts and beliefs

Dreams and disappointments

Likewise the

Bed you sleep on

The car you drive

The job you have

The good you do

The wrong you forgive

The food you eat

The poop you leave

The love you share

The hate you spare

The tears you shed

The kindness you spread

The words you read of

The trite that I write

All contained somehow

In that infinitesimally small

Dot of consciousness

Bouncing all over the cosmos

That we may experience

Our own parenthesis

In and of eternity from a

Strange subjective viewpoint


In a flash

This found its

Way to the screen

I really wish

I knew where

This $#!?

Comes from

Plus if it even

Makes sense

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