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Accept, Accept, Accept

September 19, 2018

For a healing and universally empathetic evolutionary win on the 50/50 chance Brett did what he is accused of 30 years ago. Took some responsibility and apologized, would certainly garner a lot more support from both sides towards his SC nomination.

Instead of following 45’s model of deny, deny, deny. Which in all likelihood, that if the senators have daughters or granddaughters, probably would not give their would be, maybe attempted rapists a free pass. I am guessing not.

When that denial only counts, for this go-around anyway.


“I say you’ll pay for this mischief,
In this world or the next”

– Iron Maiden

Of course, then he’d have to apologize for lying under oath on more current matters and for sure not get the SC judgeship.

Which he must not want in the first place, seeing how he’s banking on a 20% completed resume to get the job as it is.


Oh well. If you don’t do anything wrong, you can’t get caught.

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