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Inconclusive Vindication

October 5, 2018

Inconclusive vindication

Will be a dissonant feeling

Shared by those alike who

May or may not believe 45

Was in cahoots with Russia

Or just a guy on his couch

Add now China to obfuscate

Besides it won’t matter none

The proof is in the pudding

Opaquely infused coldly

In the gelatinous muck

Reality indistinguishable

From optimistic fantasy

That any truth will be known

Much like who killed JFK or

Was Pearl Harbor a war primer

By the Military Industrial Complex

As the Gulf of Tonkin incident

To justify more justification

Maybe landing on the moon was

Alien as Roswell New Mexico

Seeds of doubt sewn in Oklahoma

A wacky war waged in Waco Texas

Wondering why if no plane

Crashed in Shanksville PA

Or the pentagon for that matter

That the earth can not be flat

Blasted bee bees in Boston

Malevolent Mirage mayhem is

When what happens in Las Vegas

Leaves in caskets and mystery

All now evidentially unprovable

So why should we expect different

With “new” questionable events

Because a likeable broadcaster

Said so, in convincing tone and smile

Someone dig up Walter Cronkite

Or bad broadcaster unconvincing

In shouts and on the take as well

Without having a rip tear occur

In the space time continuum and

Freidrich Nietzsche appears, to say;

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”

Now we know that so why do we care

Maybe to realize it says more about us

Than the events that have occurred

What would we do in metaphorical

Situations, participate or prevent

Gaining hindsight is useless

Unless we use it to our advantage

Will conclude with that conviction

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