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1 Wrong + 1 Wrong = 2 Wrongs

October 7, 2018

Not so you’d notice though

Listening to your fox friends

Or friends ‘fluenced by Fox

As their dubious diatribes on

Facebook, framed from faux

Jeremiad journalists gesticulating

Repeated and regurgitated

(Apparently thinking on

Their own, is a bad idea.)

** Side Note see below

That they will only accept

Kavanaugh’s re-investigation

If Hillary’s 30k emails, Bengazi

And uranium sales are investigated

As a recalculation to see if

Two wrongs do make a right

Was it Shakespeare who said

“Thou dost protest to much”

Playing right into the newly clothed

Emperor’s wish, that his subjects

Keep fighting amongst themselves

While he continues his power grab

A self confessed sexual assaulter

Who could give less than a #uck

About his would be defenders

Knowing at anytime he would

Turn against them as he already has

With the illusionary tax breaks

That benefited his wealthy buddies

Who needs his boy Brett in place so

He may be cleared of criminal charges

When the Muller report is presented

I’m not just picking on the Donald

“My problem is with (huh, huh) authority.”

– Lewis Black

So of course HRC should be investigated

Likewise her and Obama and others for their conspiring and executing the assassination of a foreign leader. Just a tad unconstitutional.

Same goes for George Bush, for initiating an unjust war, killing thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. When the alleged perpetrators  (scapegoats) were in Afghanistan

Using biblical tactics like “Either you’re with us (God), or you’re against us (God)”.

Manipulating an easily swayed populace.

Knowing that ;

“If you’re against the war,…….. it doesn’t mean, …….that you’re for the other side!”

– Lewis Black

Likewise Bill Clinton where his direct orders killed earthlings in Baghdad and Waco, Texas……Americans oopsie.

Before him, George H.W. Bush for using wmd’s in Kuwait for killing our fellow space travelers. Just for having oil under their feet.

After having listened to, plus watched the dvd of “The Prosecution of an American President” By Vincent Bugliosi

One quickly realizes, all the presidents *”should” be tried and prosecuted for all their crimes and war crimes

If we really wanted a transparent system of “justice” and to evolve past good and evil.

* There are no “should’s”, things are such as they are.

Here’s a waker-upper, while Google-ing info for this post by typing in Nuremberg Provisions. You come to realize there are international rules for war.

Hmmm, you would think if we have the audacity to write down what we can and can not do to each other. We could just as easily write down not to hurt anyone regardless, no??

Or simply write down. Make sure everyone is fed and has shelter. Duh!

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

– Edward Bulwer-Lytton 


The system is corrupt

To its core

It is just when it randomly

Leans in our favor

Do we conveniently

Turn a blind eye

Long enough to

Impede our evolution

Which through

Perpetual distraction

Of this or that and

Countless shiny objects

The whole hubbub is

Over a one of nine position

In an ineffective institution

That neither elevates or

Emboldens humanity

Merely positions

A very small group

Of mostly old white (pink) men

To be in a “place”

Of supremacy to

“Legally” determine

Essentially what rights

You have

I’ll let that sink in……….

Not of reason

Or compassion

Or evolution

Or even right or wrong

But “Supreme”

That just does not add up.

The following might

1 ascending step +

1 ascending step =

2 ascending steps

Towards evolutionary enlightenment

Let us take away their right to perform post natal abortions on out of the womb oxygen breathing 68th trimester fetuses.



Side note

Is it just me (for the briefest of time I can listen to that toxic talker, before my spine starts to curve and my soul twists) or is Laura Ingraham ready for the role of Aunt Lydia in the Gilead culture her vileness is making manifest for the Commander and the rest of his cronies who don’t like and or are afraid of women. 

I don’t mean a role in the Netflix series “The Handmaid’s Tale” rather a societal position where she is in “power” to serve at the pleasure of the commander’s bidding by controlling the “brood mares” for the “state”. As only she can “think” for them.

I’m no psychologist, but it would appear (audibly) she may have some “daddy” issues.

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  1. Just what I said.


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