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We May Soon Realize

October 9, 2018

It was not Brett Kavanaugh

Or Christine Blasey Ford

That were technically on trial

Rather the two halves of

Society at large at this time

Manifestations of yin and yang

Pawns in a game of distraction

From our intended evolution

Archetypes we must recognize

So we can free ourselves from

The same rut we get stuck in

Sacrificing our power to power

Knowing that woman and man

Males and females girls and boys

All come from the same place

One place………..Mothers

And should be recognized as such

Whether the seed was

Planted mistakenly (usually the case)

(Accidentally does not apply)

Or with loving intention that

Two people are going to take

The infinitely responsible task

Of nurturing and guiding this

Limitless capability being that

Just traversed time and space

To be a citizen of the world

Regardless of gender or race

One that doesn’t have to fail/fail

To his aggressive tendencies

Excused as boys will be boys

Nor being a fragile princess

That “needs” to be protected

Cause society deems that role

Upon the future may be mother

Lots of work to do

Let us start now

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