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We Have The Technology

October 10, 2018

In seconds of pressing a relatively 98 degree finger on a durable micro thin piece of glass over à corresponding “button”, then having funds transferred from your account to the airlines.

You can instantly receive a qr code appear on your phone. Which will allow you to travel anywhere, as far as I know.

All you have to do is drive to the airport, drop off your bags, que yourself in a tedious line, like sheep to a slaughter.

Walk through a contraption that puts you in a position of faux torture, after being made more vulnerable by removing your shoes.

To let you know who’s in control, that you are subject and subjugated to their whims. Oh wait it is to make sure it is safe for everyone to fly. That’s it.

Neither decency or concern for your being or anxiety. Subject only to their subjective interpretation of their rules.

“Airport security is a stupid idea, it’s a waste of money, and it’s only there for one reason, to make white people feel safe.

That’s all. The illusion, the feeling and illusion of safety cause the authorities know they can’t make an airplane completely safe; too many people have access.”

– George Carlin

To then board a plane to your destination.

After all that, what we don’t have, is the wherewithal to realize it would be much more efficient to board an airplane by seating the passengers towards the back of the aircraft first.

Probably due to the arrogance either by the passenger or the staff, that if your seat assignment is a lower number, somehow you get to go on first.

Making it a race between assholes and elbows to find your seat on the plane bumping against everybody, had they followed you would not have happened.

Even “first” class who could have been comfortably sitting in a seat till it was “their” turn to board. The airplane is going to land or crash regardless who got on first.

As I write this I suspect it is a ploy to kill time while the luggage gets to the plane.

Unfortunately the masses of the flying public myself included are willing to continue to accept this practice. Just because “that’s the way it is “.

Happy Flying

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