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The News Cycles

October 11, 2018

In the short attention span theatre

While we are looking in the direction

Of where the finger is pointing

We miss who is pointing or why

Hmm, shiny new object shiny

Pretty loud bright oooh aaaah

Awwwe I’ve lost my ability to

Think to reason and to just be

Everybody’s concern is my concern

My concern is I don’t understand

Editorials proclamations op eds

Headlines breaking news scoops

Circling around in whip and puree

That the humanity has spun out

Regardless, mushy paste remains

The gears whir, the sharp blades cut

Confusion is mixed with distraction

And still we watch with hands in the air

Surrendering our self to the machine

A cog in the wheel of consumption

Corruption pollution destruction etc

All because of a few talking heads

Instilled in us an us vs them attitude

That is not innate within our being

What once was information presented

Yesterday flag draped coffins arrived

From the land of South East Asia while

Protesters were shot at Kent State

And “That’s the way it was” on x day.

Today death is hardly news without

A scapegoat to blame or side fingered

Days of info reduced to a sound bite

Not even a talking point to discuss

Just a nugget cute & compartmentalized

Tuckered away, prepped for 2 minutes hate

Now unless information presented fits

The narrow scope of deceptive percepts

It blandly dissolves into fake news again

Which “should” teach us to trust our heart

Look inside to determine what is “real”

Then behave or react accordingly to evolve

Make our brief time here worthwhile so

When we come back we will not have

Nearly as much work to do to fix anything

From → Paradox, random

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