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Unperson : Via A T-Shirt Or Hat

October 16, 2018

Logos, Teams, Slogans,

Regardless of who you may be

By ink branding the cloth

You are wearing

Or cap you are sporting

If nobody knows “you”

You have reduced yourself

To a meme


Someone else

Who likes

Your mobile billboard

Will undoubtedly

Strike up a conversation

Usually ’bout

A game, a season, a play

A team player, a coach, etc,

Ad nauseum

Blah, blah blah blah blah

But, eventually

As you both move on

Neither knows anything

Of who you are

Save the surrounding

Aspects of that one

Tiny miniscule little detail

And think about it

That is not who you are

Just a frame

Holding a facade

Like a city you’ve visited

Or where you live

A concert attended

A beer drank

A “Brand” you like

Not only not

Getting paid to promote

Yet it actually

“Costs” you money

Hmmm? Or

Using the

1st ammendment

To “macho”-ly promote

The second

With a weak cliché

Something ’bout

Cold dead fingers

Giving things up

Not even

Being carried


Or a

Patriotic / nationalistic


“Proving” devotion

To an ideology

Adorning a shirt

Dripping with the

Red of blood

The white of racism

And the blue of sadness

Made cheaper in

Another country


Dare I say

Needs no




Wonder if the above

Would fit on a t-shirt

That might

Instigate a

Real conversation?

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