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For The Longest Time

October 17, 2018

I had a gasoline can

Granted it was plastic

However it did what

It was supposed to do

Store gas and when

It was full and needed

You could pour gas from it

Easily to the empty tank

Even open an air inlet

So it would flow quicker

Alas, can no longer find

Therfore purchased a new one

One that you would think

Would do the same thing

Store fuel waiting to be poured

But nooooo that’s not the case

This one requires, you hop on

One leg, while wiggling your ear

Picking your nose and saying

The alphabet…….backwards

Just to engage the “safety”

Mechanism holding a nozzle

Firmly spring loaded


Is this really where our

Devolution is taking us

With the warning label

Quarter the size of the can

To point out in large font

That gas and fire don’t “mix”

Well no shit. I just wanted to

Run the lawnmower without

Hauling it to a gas station first


What’s next, register the can

After an 8 hour safety class

With specific instructions on

How, where and when to pour

Will that be followed by having

To hire a special subcontractor

With permits and licenses to

Pour your gas for you, surrounded

By a fire suppression squad

With blankets hoses and ladders

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