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A Courtesy Flush

October 19, 2018

Is all that we ask

Of the Donald

In the middle of

Shitting on the

American people

Unbeknownst to

Some being shat on

That the stench is

So overwhelming

They are not able to

Even think straight

Woozy from thick

Odors clouding

Rational thought

That 45’s version

Of leadership is

Glossy permanent

Perfectly pixeled

Narcissistic reflection

That makes him feel

Better about himself

Above all others

And of country

Clearly on the take

(Allegedly)  ; )

Beholden to



Dictators and


While his minions

So enamored by

Their perception of

His golden feces

Thus wearing

Rose scented

Gas masks

Will gladly slide

Down the waste pipe

To the sewage

Treatment pond

With the rest

Of the turds

That accept

Mocking assault victims

Separating families

Hurting farmers

Though trade wars

Encouraging if not

Inciting racism

Scapegoating OTW’s

Other Than Whites (pinks)

Making implausible

Impossible promises

Such as neighbor paying

For a wall that can be

Gotten over or around

Crapping on our allies

Manipulate then disguise

Tax breaks with a reverse

Robin Hood switcharoo

But like lemmings over a

Cliff to their ignorant demise

When they hear those two

Words together tax & break

Lose any scrutinizing thought

In their head and accept

Whatever blindly and badly

As the deficit worsens

Putting their children’s

Future in the toilet albeit

A golden toilet while

# 45 pushes the lever

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