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Dated Info, Yet Made Relevant

October 20, 2018

In other words
Forgot to post this
At the time
Certainly since
Things are moving
At the speed of blur

“President Putin has unveiled Russia’s new stockpile of “invincible” nuclear weapons, with a video graphic appearing to show missiles raining on Florida.

But why would the Kremlin want to target the Sunshine State in the event of an atomic war?”


March 1st 2018

Well, if you are trying to keep your blackmailed puppet in line with a clear yet, nearly invisible “shot across the bow”.

Florida, might get 45’s attention.

You think? What else would be more effective, save breaking some twitter thumbs to get the point across?

To remind him, whose bidding he is supposed to be doing. Besides he needs those thumbs to distract the distracted.

“No one is easier to manipulate than a man who exaggerates his own influence.”
– Masha  Gessen

“The Man Without A Face”
“The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin

Who knows, maybe Khashoggi is the Saudi’s way of showing the big D, that any American walking in to the consulate can “disappear” “Dexter” style and complies by assisting in a vague and plausible cover up? No?

At this point, anything is possible, right?

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