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An Oomph Dissected

October 22, 2018

To give a splatter shot

What I suppose

You could call poetry

Poem “I Must Not Want”

A correlating oomph

(In my mind anyway)

(I write this s#!t for me)

To drive it home

It is followed with

Some Iron Maiden lyrics

Which included

“When the world was virgin
Before the coming of men
Just a solar witness
The beginning of the end

From a world of magma
To a cold rock face
The ascent of madness
And a human race”


“If Eternity Should Fail”

– Iron Maiden

If there were ever to be

A documentary of such

“From a world of magma
To a cold rock face
The ascent of madness
And a human race”

In some kind of

Spiritual I Max theatre

Recorded in time lapse

High speed photography

As the space dust

Coalesced starting with

Microscopic particles

Gathering and clinging

With more joining

From the infinite cosmos

Of “nothingness” till it

Churned and formed

Collided and heated

Into the “World Of Magma”

Upon just below the surface

We are still floating above

On that “Cold Rock Face”

That seemingly would be

Infinitely more plausible then

“The ascent of madness”

That cliché seven day story

“And a human race”

Intended to frighten

Control and manipulate

About 1600 years old

Compared to 4.5 billion

Oops wrong trajectory

Back to the theatre

To watch the ebb and flow of *

“Earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drift, solar flares, sunspots, magnetic storms, the magnetic reversal of the poles, hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment by comets and asteroids, and meteors, world-wide floods, tidal waves, world-wide fires, erosion, cosmic rays, recurring ice ages”

See that perhaps the cliché

Is baseless and no longer relevant

It may or may not be true

However if you were to

Reverse engineer our existence

Methinks you would find it

Couldn’t possibly have happened

The way it has been revised and

Rewritten in those several books

That leaves unanswered, where oh

Where did Caine’s wife come from

Shit, keep getting off track //

Watch the planet continue to form with

The Goldilox principle having the

“Just right” amount of carbon and oxygen

Water, sunlight and atmosphere

For things to grow and breath

Engage while connecting to

The first sprout to appear

Then “die” and decompose

Only to start anew as perhaps

Some algae, fungi or tadpole

Experience immediate transformations

Through the lens of history

Till say when the ability to make fire

Occurred by the first neanderthals

Have the movie slow down

Some more as now things

Really start to accelerate

(“I’m tired of this back-slapping “Isn’t

Humanity neat?” bullshit. We’re a virus

With shoes, okay? That’s all we are.”

– Bill Hicks)

Watch to see if “man’s” nature

Really is beastly and violent in

Order to survive day to day to date

Or if it stemmed from a greed trait

That some are compelled with

The desire to have more than others

So they’ll feel better about themselves

Observe the humanity slaughtering wars

Skirmishes to wonder what really

Is all the fighting about

Also observe the the great feats

Long since unexplained such as

How were the pyramids really built etc

Having the movie close at the point

When devolution started

(No idea, when that was)

Leaving the viewer to ponder

What can be done to

Prevent our extinction

Having seen it all from

A cosmic standpoint

I think one would weep

Every last drop of liquid

From its impermanent

Container evaporating

Into the surrounding ether

Till the saline fragments

Drifted into the atmosphere

To combine with other

Space particles

Coalesce gather and cling………

And do their thing

“The Planet Is Fine”
– George Carlin

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