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I Must Not Want

October 22, 2018

I must not want

Nor the collective

Must not want

Inner peace

Over and above

The siren song

Of materialism

Or shiny object

New distractions

When it would

Probably be easier

Than imaginable

If I / we took a

Moment to pause

Realize what is

Undeniably important

That doesn’t require

A credit card

Melting, or a

Bank account


To say I love

My family

Warts and all

And treat them as such

Which extends to

The extended family

The planetary sailors

All on the same boat

Floating or rather

Hurling through space

On a course

We can not see

In a future

We do not know

From a past

We can not forget

For reasons too


Too goofy for

Mere mortals

Hell bent on

Keeping up

With the Joneses

Or disagreeing

With the Smiths

That must be

What we really want

“If Eternity Should Fail”

– Iron Maiden

“Here is the soul of a man
Here in this place for the taking
Clothed in white, stand in the light
Here is the soul of a man

Time to speak with the shaman again
Conjure the jester again
Black dog in the ruins
Is howling my name

So here is the soul of a man

When the world was virgin
Before the coming of men
Just a solar witness
The beginning of the end

From a world of magma
To a cold rock face
The ascent of madness
And a human race

We are strange believers all of us
There are stranger truths immortal lust
We rise from slumber he calls our name
Recalls our number abide with pain

Reef in a sail at the edge of the world
If eternity should fail
Waiting in line for the ending of time
If eternity should fail


To god’s illusion
Which I recall
Was our delusion
Before the fall

The angels come and the angels go
But the lord of light shining below

Eternal blackness beyond the stars
We think our wisdom will get that far
At the master’s table the table’s bare
No land of plenty, devastation, despair


Reef in a sail at the edge of the world
If eternity should fail
Waiting in line for the ending of time
If eternity should fail”


These lyrics, while brilliant, gripping and imagination soaring, without hearing them from the beautifully haunting tenor of Bruce Dickinson and the mysterious sounds and heavy metal styling of Iron Maiden it only paints part of the picture.

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