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A War Footing Part 1

October 25, 2018

: the condition of being prepared to undertake or maintain war


I thought war footing

Was just an expression

Who would have thought it had

Its own dictionary definition?


War Footing


We are steeped in it

Like tea leaves in a

Bitter British tea

Left not in a harbor

Rather scattered in

Our psychologically


Wasted landscape

Granite and marble

Bronze and plaster

Signs and symbols

Flags and screens

Caskets and tombs

Honoring people who

Have killed people or

Were killed by

“Other” people

When in essence

We are all one people

Who do not want war

That know at this point

It is unnecessary

To our evolution

Still at every turn

Reminders coax us

Into believing it

Is to be merited

Without question

Blank war memorial

Stadium or Statue

Highway or street

Where is the

Recognition of

The peace




So that their

Actions can be


Till there

Are no more

War Memorials


Peace celebrations
Where this was supposed to stop

Okay,  made it a part 2

A War Footing Part 2 next

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