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I Get It, Which Is Why It Won’t Matter

October 29, 2018

I get it, which is why it won’t matter.

So let us just move on now.

Robert Mueller could easily have absolutely verifiable, a perfect 10 finger fingerprint match, in dried blood on the crimson ooze bloodied knife. Video, photographic and testimonial evidence that indeed 45 conspired, colluded and willfully engaged and participated in knowingly rigging the election.


Robert Mueller could have nothing more than loose circumstantial evidence.


He could have absolute verifiable proof that in no way shape or form that 45 had anything to do with “stealing” the election. Bring to justice some other entities that masterminded the whole thing.

Why it won’t matter, iszzz… because proof or no proof, people are going to believe what they are already convinced of.

Some will let a sleeping dog lie and go about their day, realizing it changes or changed nothing anyway. The economy is cyclical regardless who is in the oval.

Wall or no wall, policy of separation and fear, good economy or bad, bipedal earthling artists in need of a better situation will come here, let us do the masters of wisdom thing and help them.

So easily sidetracked, back to the post.

Others will write, blog and exhaust implausible and impossible conspiracy theories, not realizing it changes nothing at all.

A contemplation of theoretical proof would be if 45 told and tweeted his involvement.

Those who want to believe he is the greatest president who ever lived, single handedly fixed everything, would / might only think that the “deep state”* is involved in scapegoating him.

* at this point, always giggle when I hear those two words, kinda like “dark web”. When those are really some apt description words of our shadowed “self”.

45 is merely a conglomeration of thoughts projected into a holographic image of the stuff each individual has to tackle within themselves.

Narcissism, fragile ego, lying, racism braggadocios behavior, xenophobia, taking 0 responsibility, etc.

You pick yours, I’ll pick mine. Something an impeachment will not cure. Our “ills” will simply manifest in another projection.

And, like living all alone and seeing a dirty toilet everyday, soon realize it is not going to clean itself and is time to get busy scrubbing.

In varying degrees, of making it “clean”. “Clean” enough to use, or “clean” and polished as if company is coming. Or karmic “clean” enough so that you can go where there are no toilets to use or clean.

I am going to need one helluva brush.

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