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Super Power

November 7, 2018

The waning days of an

Alleged superpower

Are coming to a close

Never understood that

Moniker anyways

Arrogant by design

Named mostly for its

Destructive capabilities

Built on greed and violence

With a foundation of

Authority and hypocrisy

Lest of course you were

Brown, black, red, yellow and/

Or had reproductive organs



With a possessiveness penchant

For power, parcels and people

Controlling laws, land and labor

Brought to its merciless knees

With nary a shot fired by

The other alleged superpower

Rather defeated nonviolently

Simply by putting in place

A pompous Putin placed puppet

Strung up by greed & narcissism

Tweeting and talking (barely)

To keep us fighting

Amongst ourselves

As we just started down

The road to enlightenment

Equality and healthcare



Because of a shift change

A different driver grabbed

The wheel, took a detour

Down what appears to

Be a dead end road

As the bridge to reciprocity

Has been washed out

Crawling back only to

Dig our own graves

Having lost sight of

Where we could have gone

If we hadn’t allowed our

Vision to be obstructed by

The big # 1 foam finger

Appeasing little minds

Waving ceaselessly

Convincing ourselves

We were something special

Based on nothing

Other than we told ourselves

We were



A debtor nation

Owing so many

So many billions

Is hardly a “super” power

Super’s core definition

Is Extremely Good

That should be our goal

Be Extremely Good

Then we will know

Our Super power

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