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In The Nicest Possible Way

November 8, 2018

I mean this in the nicest possible way.

The guy can’t FUCKING speak.

Knowing full well, neither can I, spending half a day practically talking to no one. Save hi, where do my trailers go? Or, do you think this pallet will fit under that deck? Thanks, drive safe. Bye.

One quarter involves communicating poorly with family, who over time have developed a deciphering system to interpret what they think they heard I said and what it actually means.

Plus gently ignoring my non-sequiturs, idiosyncrasies and obscure references.

Understandably so, as I have put myself in their ears and realize I wouldn’t want to listen to me either. Besides having the Kermit the Frog vocal style and delivery.

The last quarter of the day is spent sleeping and no one has to listen to me.

Back to the guy who can’t fucking speak.

The difference being, the only person I am leading is myself. This guy has been put into a position (not popularly or perhaps even properly elected) of leadership.

The leaders I’ve met, read or heard about seem to use the least amount of words to get the most done. Measured out precisely in content, context, tone and delivery, as an effective way to inspire towards a clear and concise vision.

This guy has a vocabulary of a 5 year old.

See Dick run. See Jane run. See Jane need to run faster than Dick. Because Dick is a dick with a dick.

Dick does not see Jane as Jane. Dick sees Jane as less than Dick. What a dick. Dick sees Kim as equal to Dick.

Dick sees Vlad as Dad. Dick works for Vlad. Vlad helped Dick, be a bigger dick. Vlad tells Dick what to do. Dick complies or Vlad will be a dick.

There, that is a long enough “dick” joke.

Was going to cite examples, however it is too toxic and tumultuous to read through again. Made me nauseous the first time, just hearing him.

Just because my ears were bleeding  doesn’t mean I should bring scorn to my eyes, and sully to my soul.

Note to self.

I mean this in the nicest possible way.

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