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The More I Play

December 18, 2018

“I love words. I thank you for hearing my words.”

– George Carlin

The more I play with words

The more fun I have with them

Particularly in sense them

Order to make arranging a



Here they are presented in

I believe one dimension

Just a blackish gray pixel

Against a white background

With no sound

Certainly not my voice

Technically it is my “voice”

Though the reader is

“Hearing” it in their voice

Or speed, read in

Their cadence, inflection or


Realizing some readers

Will look back at the line

With two words in ALL CAPS

And wonder did their inner

Voice just silently SCREAM

Those words capitalized

Don’t read this again






Wonder if that worked

I’ll never know

I am barely in my own head

Let alone yours

However the reverse

Is not true, no matter

How small, if I could

Reduce the font

Would you lower a voice

You can not already “hear”

Lest of course I wrote


As if Ewm errr Fuwwwd

Was about to keeewll a


The young uns reading this

Might have to Google

Elmer Fudd Rabbit quiet

For that to make sense

Making this my first

Interactive blog post

So you can have fun

Playing with words


“In your own words.” You know you hear that a lot in a court room. Or a classroom, they’ll say “tell us… in your own words.”

“Do you have your own words? Hey, I’m using the ones everyone else has been using!

Next time they tell you to say something in your own words, say “Niq fluk bwarney quando floo!”

– George Carlin

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