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Facebook Dislikes & Conceals

December 20, 2018

“Controlled behavior

Reacts as it’s taught”


– John Trudell

Whenever you see

A Facebook posting

Of a meme with an

Illicit torture device

Such as a belt, paddle or

Get your own “switch” story

Explaining how giants

Used these implements

To procure a desired and

Unnatural fearful behavior

Of obedience and control

Some sort of masochistic

Malevolent MK parental

Stockholm Syndrome

With spare the rod

Spoil the child

Biblical undertones

Know that that person

Who has “liked” or “shared” it

“Justified” what a good

Citizen they are because

Their parents were unfit

To raise an adult thereby

Raising more children to be

Societal conforming

Pavlovian automatons




On one hand must be

Seeking sympathy for

Their parents striking them

Whilst on the other hand

Searching for

Approval and justification

For extending the violence

Another generation more



How do you think people

Take an alleged

Gift from God or

An alien entity that just

Traversed time and space

From inexplicable dimensions

As a little “miracle” which is

No more miraculous than

Converting chicken and beer

Into feces and urine

Feed and water them

For a few years then

For expediency of

Discipline and convenience

Discover that a

Cry inducing

Swat on the behind

Is a lot quicker than

Actual guidance into

The same desired outcome

With the mixed message

That it is being done

For their own good

And they are loved




“Stop hitting me, you’re HUUUUGE, How could you hit me? That’s Crazy. You’re a Giant, and I can’t defend myself.

I really think it is crazy that we hit our kids. Here’s the crazy part about it.

Kids are the only people in the world you are allowed to hit.

Do you realize that?

They’re the most vulnerable and they are the most destroyed by being hit. But it’s “totally” Ok to hit them, and they’re the only ones! 

If you hit a dog, they fuckin’ will put you in jail for that shit. 

You can’t hit a person unless you can prove that they were trying to kill you.

But a little tiny person with a head this big, who trusts you implicitly,

Fuck ’em, who gives a shit, let’s all hit them. People want you to hit your kid. //

We’re proud of it. // Your damn right I hit my kids!

Why do you hit them?  Cause they were doing a thing I didn’t like at the moment, and so I hit them, and guess what?? 

They didn’t do it after that.

Well, that wouldn’t be taking the easy way out now would it?  How about talking to ’em for a second, //”

Being a parent means you have your back up against the wall, all the time. Because its the only job you can’t quit.

It’s the only job where you can just put your wrench down, and say “fuck it, guys, I’m leaving. I don’t even want my last check, I’m going home.

– Louis C.K. from his “bit” other people’s kids from the CD “Hilarious”



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