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The Truth Is Redacted

December 28, 2018

Or at least confused

By made up words

In this instance the

Worst one being


In seeking a life

Affirming outcome

By the occupants

On a spherical

Spaceship called Earth

Under the fragile

Atmospheric shell

Democrats vs Republicans

Conservatives vs Liberals

Indigenous vs Immigrants

United States vs Mike Flynn

Gets the collective no where

Save for the repeat and return

Of us versus them to no end

No resolve to progress forward

Evolve into enlightened beings

As for Flynn

To the sports betters

And political prognosticators

Were mostly all figuring

He was walking out

Scott Free


Of course some tenured judge

Doesn’t know if he should be

Tried for treason or not

(Shouldn’t he know that? )

A simple free instant definition

Look up would have solved that
Treason : the crime of trying to overthrowyour country’s government or of helping  your country’s enemies during war

Turns out he is just a greed pig

Willing to do shit for money

Just shining a light

On a glimpse I’ve seen

Of a world that doesn’t

Go against itself

Meanwhile people are holding on

To an ideal that doesn’t exist

Hoping against hope that this time

The Rule of Flaw

Will be its own saviour

It is not

It is a game of

Three-card monte

Played out on


Keeping you

Distracted and confused

Going nowhere near

The truth

For it is


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