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At All Cost

January 9, 2019

Build it already

Or at least say you are going to


(See recent post

Lie Back / Problem Solved)


5b A Wall

10b Steel Slats

200b A Dome


Whatever it takes

To get it off of the news airwaves

All I hear now

Every time it is mentioned

Are the lyrics

From the song “Separate Lives”

Sung by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin

As it crescendos orchestrally

In the middle of the song

“So you build that wall (Phil)

Build that wall (Marilyn)

Yes, you build that wall (Phil)

Build that wall (Marilyn)

And you make it stronger”

Which quickly supplanted

Pink Floyd’s lyric

“All we are is

Just another

Brick in the wall”

Much more mellow

And carries me away

To the rest of the song


Here’s where you know

This is just a dopey distraction

Against “crime and drugs”


Wouldn’t the “Steel Slats”

Amount to nothing more than

An international exchange window?

Transferring cocaine for cash. Huh?


Besides in a country

So allegedly strapped

In a trillion dollar deficit

Has a few billion

Floating around to

Waste on an ineffective wall

(Most crossings are at

Airports and visa over stays)

Can’t we send some

Friendly folks and

Entrepreneurs to

Guatemala and Honduras

To at least try and fix

What it is the refugees

Are escaping from?


Wouldn’t that be something

That Jesus fellow would do?

Without weapons by the way.

Seeing how, there must not be

Any oil there

Or we’d send troops immediately.

And we know

That is usually done

At All Cost

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