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January 11, 2019

“The only way to argue with an East wind is to put on an overcoat”
– Unknown

Emotional arguments are based on fear

Intelligent arguments are based on logic

Rational arguments are based on science

Religious arguments are based on beliefs



Where this should have stopped.



Contrarian arguments are based on dichotomy

Friendly arguments are based on uncertainty

Political arguments are based on ideology

Ideological arguments are based on perceptions

Mathematical arguments are based on equations

Irrational arguments are based on delusion

Race arguments are based on ignorance

Biblical arguments are based on fiction

The best way to win an argument.

Besides not having one in the first place.


Both / all, are opinions and based on nothing but electrical impulses floating loose in sponge like gray matter, protected by a calcium cranium.

Miraculously transferred to lungs and larynx. Even more phenomenal is how the sounds are transmitted to a tiny drum, hammer, anvil and stirrup.

Adding to the mix is the ocular activity receiving infinite pixels in three dimensions, deciphering facial expressions and body language in varying degrees of illumination.

So yeah, quit arguing. That is how you win.

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