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Lying Indirectly

January 14, 2019

“Mexico is paying for the wall.”


– 45

Through the uscanmex

Or however the

Conartist renamed the

Trade agreement

Formerly known as NAFTA

With a little #45 polish on it

Which means that the

American taxpayer / consumer

Would still be paying for the wall


How stooopid

Does he think

The public is…….



Never mind

With a little collusion

Some social

Media manipulation

Bogus bots

Telling and swaying

Voters, consumers & taxpayers

What to think

Through spacious

Fear based FB posts

Faux regurgitation

Of hyperbolized bogeymen

(Rapists and murderers)

(Drugs, gangs and criminals)


None which were here


“They” got here


Even though statistically it

Doesn’t bear out



Having campaign managers

And TV lawyers work for

Him for free

(Paul and Rudy)

(Technically not conflicted because

Technically, 45’s not paying them)

Imagine that

45’s not paying

Compensated by their

Side hustles

Distraction and deceit

As long as the

Bupkus baby billionaire

Gets to feed his

Fevered ego

Is this really any different

Than the slight of hand

Ruse of previous administrations

To keep the people

Fighting amongst themselves

With deadly and

Dizzying distractions

Designed to deceive

(The culprits are in Afghanistan

Let’s look in Iraq) GWB


It is unconstitutional to

Assassinate foreign leaders

(Unless you need a distraction

From an erratic economy) BHO

Dull and dumb down

Loving and compassionate

Bipedal earthling artists


Given their own

Collective devices

Would look out

For each other

‘Stead of accepting and

Being told a


Is under the bed

I mean

Beyond an invisible line

Documented as a dots and dashes

Drawn on a map


Governments and goons

Can keep laughing

All the way

To the bank


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