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Vision Is Blurry

February 25, 2019

Vision is blurry

Ears are ringing

Tongue is tied

Lips are sealed

Throats is parched

Stomach is knotted



My vision must be blurry

I don’t see things how others do

The ringing in my ears

Is it tinnitus or voices interrupting you



Tongue is not so much tied

As it is tormented to communicate

Therfore tis easier the lips to seal

Than it is for me to extrapolate



The throat gets parched quick

Reminding me not to speak

Causing knots in my stomach

Making my ability to connect weak



“I don’t fit in anywhere, man, I really don’t. I don’t agree with anything either, not even what I just said so, think you see the problem here. Stranded without a clue.”

– Bill Hicks


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