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Arrogant Bullying Imperialistic Hegemony

March 2, 2019


“Manhattan Project”

“Imagine a time when it all began
In the dying days of a war
A weapon that would settle the score

Whoever found it first
Would be sure to do their worst
They always had before…

Imagine a man where it all began
A scientist pacing the floor
In each nation, always eager to explore

To build the best big stick
To turn the winning trick
But this was something more…

The big bang took and shook the world
Shot down the rising sun
The end was begun and it hit everyone

When the chain reaction was done
The big shots tried to hold it back
Fools tried to wish it away

The hopeful depend
On a world without end
Whatever the hopeless may say

Imagine a place where it all began
Gathered from across the land
To work in the secrecy of the desert sand

All of the brightest boys
To play with the biggest toys
More than they bargained for…


Imagine a man when it all began
The pilot of ‘Enola Gay’
Flying out of the shockwave

On that August day
All the powers that be
And the course of history

Would be changed forevermore”

– Rush



It is blatant bullying and arrogant to demand that any country has to dismantle and destroy their tools of equalization.

Who gave you know who the audacity to even suggest that?

“I think guns are the great equalizer, it puts everyone on an even keel.

Chuck Laddel, bad a$$, mixed martial arts fighter, maybe baddest guy in the world.

Put him in a cage with Hannah Montana and a twenty gauge, Vegas odds are dropping drastically.”

– Doug Stanhope


So, why should ‘merikkka get to be the quintessential arbiter of deciding what country can have “guns”, when internally it “allegedly” wants everyone to have “guns”?  While it wastes billions of dollars making guns it will never use.

When itself, is the global metaphorical equivalent of wanting to remain uninhibited to flick the ears of the scrawny country in front of them and steal their lunch (resources/”cheap” labor) money?

At what point in “time” does anyone think a real leader will emerge and actually lead? Instead of reshuffling the pieces on the spherical board, like any of that makes a difference?

Using “defense” as a pretense? Offering up vague “security”, that doesn’t exist, by taking, yes, by taking, albeit through an illusionary “voluntary” tax system to waste billions and billions of dollars on unused weaponry.

45 is not the problem, the system that produces 45 is the problem. Therefore it is fixable.

Am I the only one who thinks that if we spent that same money taking care of the people who need it the most would, not only, not harm “us”, would probably fight our battles for us. Save, there’d be no more “battles” left to fight.

Must be just me and Bill Hicks, but he’s dead now.

“I’m going to share with you a vision that I had, because I love you. And you feel it.

You know all that money we spend on nuclear weapons and defense each year, trillions of dollars, correct? Instead — just play with this — if we spent that money feeding and clothing the poor of the world — and it would pay for it many times over, not one human being excluded — we can explore space together, both inner and outer, forever in peace.”

– Bill Hicks



I get it though, our “alleged” leader, is a creature of our current collective consciousness or unconsciousness.

Therefore, simply because we are mired in it, we accept it as reality.

But how hard would it be to paradigm shift into gradual enlightenment, 100th monkey theory style?

One by one to one hundred, then one million by one million, then four billion by four billion, evolving, not accepting power of tyrants and or illusionary democracies.

“Democracy is the worst kind, I am sorry,  but it is. We get to pick our leaders..well…

What if I don’t want a leader? Where does that vote go? I do good on my own, I don’t want to be “led”. Is that freedom?”

– Doug Stanhope

Even the most enlightened democracy is infiltrated with the tyranny of the majority, if what has been “chosen” doesn’t match one’s ideology of how things “should” be.

“We’ve taken care of everything
The words you read, the songs you sing
The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
It’s one for all and all for one
We work together, common sons
Never need to wonder how or why


Look around at this world we’ve made
Equality our stock in trade
Come and join the Brotherhood of Man
Oh, what a nice, contented world
Let the banners be unfurled
Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand

We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
All the gifts of life are held within our walls”


– Rush

Seeing how, less than half the population in this country votes, it is actually the tyranny of the minority, implementing their will.

Adjudicating laws from big to small, regulating and controlling how individuals perceive within that framework that they are “allowed” to live.

Therefore always keeping things out of balance. A still pendulum might be boring, however it reflects the potential of being centered and silent, free to explore new worlds and alternative dimensions.


“Learn To Be Still”

“It’s just another day in paradise
As you stumble to your bed
You’d give anything to silence
Those voices ringing in your head
You thought you could find happiness
Just over that green hill
You thought you would be satisfied
But you never will-
Learn to be still

We are like sheep without a shepherd
We don’t know how to be alone
So we wander ’round this desert
And wind up following the wrong gods home
But the flock cries out for another
And they keep answering that bell
And one more starry-eyed messiah
Meets a violent farewell-
Learn to be still
Learn to be still

Now the flowers in your garden
They don’t smell so sweet
Maybe you’ve forgotten
The heaven lying at your feet


There are so many contridictions
In all these messages we send
(We keep asking)
How do I get out of here
Where do I fit in?
Though the world is torn and shaken
Even if your heart is breakin’
It’s waiting for you to awaken
And someday you will-
Learn to be still
Learn to be still

You just keep on runnin’
Keep on runnin'”

“The Eagles”

We create these monsters because somewhere back in our puny consciousness, there is a tiny part of those, that think that they would like to have that power too. Unfortunately making it acceptable to exercise control over others through fear and hate.

Not everyone, but enough of everyone which is how it manifest into a projection called Donald. Whether it be instant or infinite karma, would not want to come back and be subject to the energy he is broadcasting.

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