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A Mind Molested

May 21, 2019

* “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto”

A mind molested

Fraught with fear

What parents suggested

That much was clear

What they did do

Is not what you saw

Having no proof or clue

Was a glaring flaw

Irrevocable things they did say

What hath meanings of a word

Haunt me to this very day

Guess I’m just being absurd

Leaving me to question

Reality and existence

With no reservation

Paying the penance

Just to reassure

They meant no harm

Emotionless future

Tripped no alarm

Do nothing wrong

You will not get caught

Go along get along

Become a good robot

Dependent and small

On them you’re reliant

Do not stand up too tall

Keep remaining compliant


Truths were quite malleable

Depending on their need

Making them infallible

What a dastardly deed


It is not my desire

Though it’s been suggested

To write the world on fire

From a mind molested





* From

“Mr Roboto”


“You’re wondering who I am
(secret secret I’ve got a secret)
Machine or mannequin
(secret secret I’ve got a secret)
With parts made in Japan
(secret secret I’ve got a secret)
I am the modren man

I’ve got a secret
I’ve been hiding
Under my skin
My heart is human,
My blood is boiling,
My brain I.B.M.

So if you see me
Acting strangely,
Don’t be surprised

I’m just a man who
Needed someone,
and somewhere to hide

To keep me alive
Just keep me alive
Somewhere to hide
To keep me alive

I’m not a robot
Without emotions.
I’m not what you see

I’ve come to help you
With your problems,
So we can be free

I’m not a hero
I’m not the saviour,
Forget what you know

I’m just a man whose
Circumstances went
Beyond his control

Beyond my control
We all need control
I need control
We all need control”

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