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Based On Projections

May 22, 2019

The world you see and

Sensorially experience is

Based on projections

On a holographic screen

Broadcast by the mind’s eye

The knock on wood that

You feel and hear is at best

Based on projections

Of the reality in each moment

You choose to experience

The voice that is reading

This to you is your voice

Received by non-existent ears

Think not, try whispering

In a voice that cannot be heard

From time to time it is necessary

To test the projector, so here goes

First you must grab a lemon

One that is as cool as a cucumber

Bright as the morning sun

Feel its dimpled texture

Let it roll a bit on the cutting board

Grab a really sharp knife and

Slice it slowly seeing and feeling

The mist of juices gentle spray

Set down one half and hold

The other, removing a seed or two

Bring it up to your nose and mouth

Squeeze a bit then bite into it

You will realize what to do with

A mouthful of saliva that was

Manifested from a non-existent lemon

One based on a projection

By reading words

Projected from a screen

Or are they

It probably would be easy

To prove me incredibly wrong

Even though I am always right

But alas

That is based on projections

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