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June 10, 2019

We have lost our way

Because alleged leaders

Have differing agendas

Than enlightenment

Using an outdated

Re-re-revised guidebook

To rewrite

A conveniently

Enforceable playbook

Initiating the

Rules of law

Not guiding

Their behavior

Using distraction

And deities

To divide and


Coercing crass


For commerce

A sexless ménageà trois

Of business, religion

And government

All in bed together

Keeping the flock

In fear and foreboding

That if they don’t

Get in line

With each any or all

That they will


Be whole

Nary the three

Having a

Moral compass

In the first place

Such as

Thou shalt not kill

Lest it serves

Each their purpose

Justified by

Commerce, hate

And control


Business, religion

And government

From → dark, Paradox, random

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