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June 12, 2019

Permanently living

In stopgap measures

No plans

For the unplanned

Let alone the planned

Simply winging it

By the seat of our pants

Collectively flying solo

In a broken plane

Careening towards

The abyss

Before rushing

Headlong slowly

Towards the


Wall of death

When or where

Neither karma

Nor reincarnation

Offer assistance

Giving the soul

No authority to

Venture into

New territory

Wasting an

Infinite birthright

More times

Than you can count

Travestied by

The burdensome

Amount of shame

We conceal and carry

Of our fellow

Space travellers

Identified as separate

From the whole by

Godless categories



Indoctrinated beliefs


Hats and flags


Blind guides


Turning a

Deaf ear

To our

Internal voice

That tells us

There is no gap




We must stop

Before it is too late

From → dark, Paradox, random

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