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June 13, 2019


I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new life and
I mustn’t give in”

– Barbara Streisand

From “Memory”


(Actually, it is by using a lyric search engine, copying it, then pasting it here.)


Trying to recall

Synthesized memories

From a potential past

Catching glimpses

Of nurture

Versus nature

Between a bevy of

Behavioral modifications

Erased emotions

Saved as anger

Perceiving truths

In a lair of lies

Reflecting in a

Narcissistic pool

Of dammed

Up tears

Drowning in


Grasping at the

Sinking life preserver

Of the future

Clinging to the

Buoyant death

Of the past


“Sometimes when I feel the anger
Sometimes when I’m all alone
Sometimes when I feel surrounded
Like all the doors are closed

I feel like I’ve been a prisoner
I feel like I’ve been a tool
Let people try to judge me
When they’re not in my shoes

I’ve lived on my knees
Trying to please
It’s time to change”

– Iron Maiden

From “I Live My Way”.


“Wildest Dreams”

“I’m gonna organize
Some changes in my life
I’m gonna exorcise
The demons of my past

I’m gonna take the car and
Hit the open road
I’m feeling ready to
Just open up and go

And I just feel I can be anything
That all I might ever wish to be
And fantasize just what I want to be
Make my wildest dreams come true


When I remember back to
How that things just used to be
And I was stuck inside
A shroud of misery

I felt I’d disappeared
So deep inside myself
I couldn’t find a way
To break away my hell

When I’m feeling down and low
I vow I’ll never be the same again
I just remember what I am
And visualize just what I’m gonna be

– Iron Maiden

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