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No Reflection

June 21, 2019

In the mirror of who I am

Only the appearance of

The shell of a soul carrier

Lost in the vacuum

A vampire of inquiry

Drawing from

Empty vessels

A glitch in the glitch

In the glitchy matrix

Floating in a

Concentric bubble

Above a narcissistic pool

Reality undefined

An anomalous apparition

That can be seen through

As easily as the glass

Covering the shiny silver

Of absolutely no depth

Only a veneer of substance

Yet somewhere at the end

Glancing into the abyss

Of an infinite mirror

There is a spark

Of the divine

The intro and outro of

“If Eternity Should Fail”

– Iron Maiden

Puts a graceful period

At the end of this post

“Here is the soul of a man
Here in this place for the taking
Clothed in white, stand in the light
Here is the soul of a man

Time to speak with the shaman again
Conjure the jester again


What humanity I knew
I have long forgotten
For me eternity is nothing
But a short while”


“If Eternity Should Fail”

– Iron Maiden



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