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June 23, 2019


Too much information

About re re reincarnation

Leaving us to doubt

What life is all about

If we’ve been here before

Yet can not remember

Then what is the point

For hanging around this joint

Only to do it again

Is it to experience pain

A sense that we can feel

To understand what is real

Joys too keep repeating

Those seem more fleeting

I’ve heard it was to serve

That takes a lot of nerve

So many recipients

Very few participants

Practicing giving reciprocity

When all you hear is me me me

Serving could be a lie

Yet probably worth a try

No better an alternative

All options being relative

Either way we will go

Might as well enjoy the show

Making someone else smile

Is worth going the extra mile




“Infinite Dreams”

“Help me. Help me to find my true
Self without seeing the future
Save me, save me from torturing
Myself even within my dreams

There’s got to be just more to it than this
Or tell me why do we exist
I’d like to think that when I die
I’d get a chance another time

And to return and live again
Reincarnate, play the game
Again and again and again.”

– Iron Maiden


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