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July 16, 2019

Have the fortunately unfortunate

Opportunity to listen to satellite radio

Flipping back and forth between

The *FOX and the **henhouse (MSNBC)

A significantly insignificant man

Either spoke or took to Twitter

Regardless of what 45 opined

The pundits polished up their side

Explaining for their followers

What is comfy for them to hear

Dosed with a spoonful of sugar

To help the medicine go down

Or caustically salted to taste

Either way each getting spoon fed

Keeping both coming back for more

Making both fat and happy

Smug in each their own perspective

Nary a clue it is a fishing game

Of catch and keep reeling them in

To sell the same profit products

Regardless the station or content

Clear in the chaotic context

Divide dupe distract and devolve

Formulate fear and forboding

Keep eyes glued and ears tuned

Filling up the bottom line

By emptying wallets and purses

Securing profits @ insecurity’s expense


Meanwhile none of it is news

Barely as 80% is prognostication

Of staggering flow charts describing

If a = b – c then will z × s = win

By paid professional partisan pushers

Why else are they called news “shows”

:a public performance that is intended to entertain people


* to trick or fool (someone) : to confuse (someone)

** a covered shelter for chickens or other birds


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